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How do scientists all around the world understand each other’s work? They learn the seven universal measurements! 


Talking Science teaches kids the International System of Units with easy-to-understand examples and lively illustrations. 


In the past, scientists measured things in all kinds of different ways. But it's difficult to share science across the globe when one person uses their arm and another person uses their foot to measure the same thing.


The International System of Units is a group of seven measurements—seconds, meters, kilograms, amperes, kelvins, moles, and candelas—that allow scientists anywhere in the world to understand each other. With this system, people from different places, who speak different languages, can describe and solve the same problems. No matter where you are, a cozy hug is one meter wide, a good night’s sleep is 41,400 seconds long, and an African elephant weighs almost 5,500 kilograms.


Written by award-winning children’s book author Mary Wissinger, with inviting and fun illustrations by Lilia Miceli, this innovative children’s book uses kid-friendly examples to show readers how big ideas can be shared—and how science connects us all. 

Talking Science

SKU: 978-1-958629-41-3
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    Pages 32

    Hardback: 978-1-958629-41-3

    eBook: 978-1-958629-42-0

    Dimensions 8" x 8"
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    Grade Range PreK-2nd
    Language English
    Publication Date February 2024
  • "...Will help young learners clearly visualize each base unit from the International System of measurement. Excellent addition to any school library’s 500 Dewey section."


    —Goodreads reviewer Melanie Dulaney



    "Talking Science introduces young students to the concepts and terms of the International System of Units that allows scientists and others from around the world to communicate within their disciplines. The charming illustrations include many cultures, skin tones, and abilities.... Recommended for K-4th."


    —Goodreads reviewer Pamela Powell

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