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Experience the dazzling world of botany with a new "Science Wide Open" book.


Can one seed make a difference?


Women in Botany introduces kids to the science of botany, guided by the investigative questions of a spunky girl. Learn about timeless women botanists who have used tiny seeds to do huge things like create new medicines, feed their communities, and help preserve the environment. 


Designed to motivate kids to learn more about the fascinating world of plants, this book has been peer reviewed by an extensive team of scientists, science educators, and parents. Concepts covered include photosynthesis; parts of a seed, plant, and flowers; agriculture; the Linnaean System; hybrid plants; plant diversity; medicinal plants; and conservation.


Book six of the riveting “Science Wide Open” series, Women in Botany shows young readers how their own big ideas can blossom.

Women in Botany

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    Pages 40

    Hardback: 978-1-938492-58-7

    Paperback: 978-1-938492-59-4

    eBook: 978-1-938492-60-0

    Dimensions 8.25" x 8.25"
    Age Range


    Grade Range 2-5
    Lexile Measure 780L
    Language English
    Publication Date September 2022
  • "Children are natural scientists, always asking great questions. This gorgeous book encourages their curiosity and tells some of the forgotten stories of respected women leaders in botany."


    —Dawn Bazely, B.Sc. (biogeography), M.Sc. (botany), D.Phil. (zoology), Professor, York University



    "This book brings curiosity to life, not only helping to answer questions, but also inspiring kids to ask more! Just as the women of this book encouraged plants to grow, their stories will encourage young readers to grow their knowledge." 


    —Emily Caldwell, B.A.Sc., Production Horticulture, Olds College



    "Warmly and appealingly imparts a wealth of knowledge about the field of botany, including the wide-ranging beneficial impact of plants on our lives and the science behind how plants grow and thrive. Women in Botany has an almost magically engaging effect on young readers, due in no small part to the bright and inquisitive girl who plays a central role in the expansive question-and-answer format."


    —Dan Levy, Tillywig Toy Awards



    Praise for the "Science Wide Open" series:



    "It is so important for young girls and boys to see women as scientists—especially as brilliant, successful scientists who are also fun and relatable. These beautifully illustrated books show just that."


    —Kristin J. Labby, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Beloit College (and also a mother!)



    "A curious, bespectacled protagonist explores the world around her through the study of living things and the discoveries of women scientists.... Pioli’s illustrations give these women of science a Disney-princess vibe for broad appeal."


    —Kirkus Reviews



    "This book brings real science and discovery to kids at a formative time in their lives. It shows children—and girls especially—that curiosity is one of the most powerful tools for learning. Highly recommended!"


    —Dusty Carroll, Director, University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Research Academy

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