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Welcome to the wonderous world of medicine with a new addition to the "Science Wide Open" series.


How does the body work?


Women in Medicine introduces kids to the field of medicine through an engaging, scientifically accurate conversation driven by the questions of a curious girl. Discover the amazing work of women throughout history who have given us incredible things like a cure for malaria and a lifesaving heart surgery.


Designed to inspire kids to learn more about the field of medicine, this book has been peer reviewed by an extensive team of scientists, science educators, and parents. Concepts covered include careers like doctors, nurses, midwives, surgeons, and medical scientists; treatments like medicines and operations; the human heart and blood cells; glycogen storage, insulin, and diabetes; preventive healthcare; diseases and diagnoses, and more!


The fifth book in the inspiring “Science Wide Open” series, Women in Medicine will encourage scientific inquiry in any young mind!

Women in Medicine

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    Pages 40

    Hardback: 978-1-938492-55-6

    Paperback: 978-1-938492-56-3

    eBook: 978-1-938492-57-0

    Dimensions 8.25" x 8.25"
    Age Range


    Grade Range 2-5
    Lexile Measure 780L
    Language English
    Publication Date September 2022
  • "This is a very necessary and worthwhile book to engage young girls in the pursuit of curiosity, which is the basis of scientific endeavor."


    —Manhattan Book Review



    "I learn something new every time I read a book in the Science Wide Open series. Women in Medicine is full of inspiring stories about pioneering women in healthcare. I recommend it for all the curious kids in your life!" 


    —Cameron Ogg, Ph.D., Department of Developmental Neurobiology, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital



    "I absolutely loved this book. The illustrations were out of this world. I greatly appreciated the diversity of women included, as well as the decision to include not just doctors, but nurses and scientists as well. It was also nice to have the pronunciations of all of the women's names. As a woman in medicine, (in my second year of medical school) I greatly appreciated this read and I hope that it inspires young girls to join the field."


    —Michelle Marchesi, MD Candidate, School of Medicine, New York Medical College



    "This book celebrates the advanced accomplishments of women in medicine in a way that is both understandable and captivating. I humbly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of medicine!"


    —Domenic Filingeri, D.O., M.S., Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow Physician, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh



    "Richly detailed and highly informative. The heart of Women in Medicine resides in the confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm this fine book instills in its readers and the joy of discovery that comes from asking probing questions and finding the fascinating answers!"


    —Dan Levy, Tillywig Toy Awards



    Praise for the "Science Wide Open" series:



    "It is so important for young girls and boys to see women as scientists—especially as brilliant, successful scientists who are also fun and relatable. These beautifully illustrated books show just that."


    —Kristin J. Labby, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Beloit College (and also a mother!)



    "A curious, bespectacled protagonist explores the world around her through the study of living things and the discoveries of women scientists.... Pioli’s illustrations give these women of science a Disney-princess vibe for broad appeal."


    —Kirkus Reviews



    "This book brings real science and discovery to kids at a formative time in their lives. It shows children—and girls especially—that curiosity is one of the most powerful tools for learning. Highly recommended!"


    —Dusty Carroll, Director, University of Pennsylvania Chemistry Research Academy

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