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How do wild animals respond to extreme weather? How do newborn marsupials get into their moms’ pouches? Which mammals lay eggs? This collection of beautiful picture books answers your animal lover’s burning questions… and then some! 


Packed with fun facts and fascinating science content, elementary readers will enjoy learning about the weird, wild, and wonderful animals who share our planet!


This Is the Sun, This Is How I Grow, Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be, and If My Mom Were a Platypus form an award-winning book collection that works great for quiet reading time or as a supplement to life science curricula. From food webs, taxonomy, adaptations, climate, ecosystems, social behaviors, and survival strategies, these books are sure to encourage an interest in animal science!

Animals and Their Habitats Paperback Book Set

SKU: 978-1-958629-45-1

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