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Give Gifts that Keep on Giving this Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time, and we all want to get the perfect gift for the people we love! Seeing the bright smiles on the our loved ones' faces after receiving a present always brings joy, but finding that perfect gift isn't always easy.

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Giving the gift of reading is something you and your loved ones can enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond. Whether you have a little language learner, a curious budding scientist, or want the perfect gift for the whole family, our selection of books and activities will fill your child's face with joy!

One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math! is almost as cool as video games! Really! My dad and I started reading problems while walking to school every morning. Then, we talk about them at dinner before checking the answers. The stories are things that could actually happen to me. They lead to some pretty interesting conversations with my parents. I totally recommend this book for other families!”
—Jacob Weiser, 8th Grader, Gunston Middle School, Arlington, VA

Bilingual Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect bilingual holiday gift? Our array of languages and topics make the perfect gift for young language learners. Cuddled and Carried and Babies Nurse are beautifully illustrated books that introduce your child to themes of breastfeeding, biology, survival, and the natural world. These books help inspire conversations about families - whether it's in English, Spanish, Dutch or Hebrew!

Cuddled and Carried also offers a downloadable Teachers Guide that will helps parents, librarians, educators, and healthcare providers creatively introduce these themes and help develop your child's curious mind. Our Bilingual Science and Math Book Set and One Minute Mysteries combine your child's love of science and math with the joy of learning or continuing a new language.

Math and Science Gifts for Families

Nothing is better than spending time with family during the holiday season, and our science and math book sets are just what the family needs.

101 things everyone should know about science math STEM holiday holidays gift gift stocking stuffer books reading christmas

Everyone can have fun learning science and math to help solve some challenging mysteries! We offer several book sets that make learning fun, including:

"These brainteasers are science magic! My ten year old grandson devoured the book! He was excited when he knew the solutions and was eager to discover the ones unknown. Clever, entertaining and scientifically educational, readers will learn much from the concise, accurate solutions. A perfect way to have fun with a child or grandchild!"
— Robert Fenstermacher, Ph.D.Robert Fisher Oxnam Professor of Science and Society, Drew University, on 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve with Science

Gifts for Budding Young Scientists and Animal Lovers

Children love to learn new things! What is better than giving your child a gift that will fuel his love for animals and science?

If My Mom Were A Platypus science naturally holiday holidays gift gift stocking stuffer animals reading books

Cuddled and Carried, Babies Nurse, and If my Mom Were a Platypus offer your child a world full of science and nature all in one. These books teach your child about the beauty of life through themes of biology, survival, the natural world. If my Mom Were a Platypus also provides your child with an inside look at your role as a parent and how you love, feed, and protect them!

These books will bring out the animal lover and budding scientist in people of all ages. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of science and the animal kingdom while flipping through these gorgeously illustrated pages.

Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers

blended fiction science naturally STEM math science learning holiday holidays gift gifts stocking stuffer christmas reading books

Whether you homeschool your child or know someone who does, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite homeschooling selections. Choose from an array of blended fiction books, like our Blended STEM Fiction Book Set, science and math mysteries, and "101 Things" books for the perfect gift for the homeschooler in your life. These educational and fun books bring out the curious learner in children and adults alike!

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Mar 29, 2021

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