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This exciting book set continuing the Science Wide Open series is available now!


Test the limits of science and technology alongside STEM pioneers!


Take a tour of some of the most important STEM fields that build up our communities. In this book set containing volumes 4-6 of the Science Wide Open series, encounter within-reach introductions to concepts in engineering, medicine, and botany. 


Each collective biography shines a light on trailblazing women who overcame obstacles to make their dreams a reality. The stories and contributions of real women throughout history and across the world will encourage curiosity and innovation in any young reader. Learn from over 15 different women—like Hedy Lamarr, Dr. Angella Ferguson, and Ynés Mexía—and explore their work in space exploration, conservation, heart surgery, bridge construction, pharmacology, taxonomy, and more! 


The three books in this set are Women in Engineering, Women in Medicine, and Women in Botany. For more great women in science, check out books 1-3: Women in Biology, Women in Chemistry, and Women in Physics.

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