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Science and math abound in this clever and creative book set! Ramp up the science fun with this book set that adds blended fiction adventures to our creative nonfiction books. Help Leonardo da Vinci adapt to the 21st Century, or join the League of Scientists as they unravel mysteries in their community. Our creative nonfiction books are filled with fun science brainteasers and short mysteries that take just one minute to read. An engaging and well-rounded look at the ways science influences every aspect of our lives.These 5 books will engage any child in the world of science, encouraging connections between the real world and the classroom. Educators will appreciate the extensive Teacher’s Guides that accompany the fiction titles.The Science Explorations Book Set includes three award-winning nonfiction titles as well as our two acclaimed blended fiction books. Click on the titles below to see awards, reviews, and supplemental materials for each book in the set.

Science Explorations Book Set

SKU: 978-1-938492-26-6

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