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TV meteorologist Guy Brown has introduced you to the tools for weather forecasting success with his book Look Up to See What the Weather Will Be. Now grab your pencils, creativity, and sense of adventure, and get ready to go on location with your own weather journal!


As you make progress on your way to becoming a beginner meteorologist, you'll learn how to make expert observations and collect weather data. Color, doodle, and write your way through the guided activities to collect the badges at the back of the book—once you have them all, you're ready to start creating your own forecast! Blank pages at the back of the journal leave plenty of room for independent field notes and sketches.

My Weather Journal

SKU: 978-1-938492-75-4
  • Product type Paperback (companion journal)
    Pages 54



    6 x 8"

    Age Range 7-10
    Grade Range 2nd - 5th

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